The Mark Hughes Foundation is a charity raising funds to support research, raise awareness for brain cancer and support brain cancer patients.

2017 Everest Trek

Trek to Everest Base Camp

Leaving in October for the 14 day trek, the MHF Everest Challenge team embark on the adventure of a lifetime in search of a cure for brain cancer.

Former teammates and friends of Mark Hughes have teamed up to set themselves a monumental challenge of not only enduring the physical and psychological hardships they will encounter on their journey to base camp - but reaching the $500,000 fundraising target the team has set.

Thank you to our sponsors "The Man Shake" and "NIB" who have made this challenge a lot easier and got the team off on the right foot!

We wish them safe travels.

Sandy Nixon - MHF Brain Cancer Care Coordinator

Follow the Everest Base Camp journey and watch these videos below....

In October a group of former teammates, and mates of Mark Hughes, will trek to the Himalayas to raise money for Brain Cancer research.

The trek covers approximately 120km, at altitudes of up to 5545 metres, under unpredictable weather conditions - a huge physical feat.

Every dollar raised goes directly to research and patient care.

Paul Harragon 'Chief' talks to Mark Hughes and wife Kirralee about Mark's brain cancer journey and the inspiration behind forming the Mark Hughes Foundation.

Day 1 - Sydney to Kathmandu

Channel 7 News follows the departure from Newcastle to the Sydney International airport. Well wishes to all the trekers.